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Bombshell Books are back! #BlogBlitz

Bombshell Books are back! After launching with the hilarious The Queen of Blogging, Bombshell Books are back with two new authors and three fabulous novels.
Therese Loreskar returns with her sequel to The Queen of Blogging – The Queen of New Beginnings
Therese Loreskar started her career in 2010 self-publishing her first novel, which quickly became a critically acclaimed best-seller. In 2014 she was signed by a Swedish publishing house before being signed by Bombshell in the summer of 2016. Her novel, The Queen of Blogging, received overwhelming feedback and the book was referred to as a modern Bridget Jones. Therese has since had four bestselling children’s books. Her never-ending energy for writing and entertaining people is her biggest trait. Therese lives in the countryside on the west coast of Sweden. She has a big and busy household with her husband, two children, deaf cat, five hamsters and a grandmother. When she is not busy writing stories she enjoys nature, people, history, redecora…

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